An Extra Tip To Help You Be More Creative In Life

Today I want to share some powerful advice that may just bring you a host of miracles. First I want to talk about the good side of having a routine, because my advice today will be talking about breaking that routine spontaneously every now and then. I don’t want you to think that I believe routines are bad for us, because they’re not. Having a routine can boost your performance, especially if you have a long term goal like my friend from Kelowna BC. Setting time to do the same things every day will allow those things to add up and in ten years it’s amazing what you can do. But routines can also be a trap. So let’s talk about that.

To boost your creativity, having a routine to sit down and practice your craft is important, because regular and consistent practice is what you need to work your creative muscles. But sometimes we can feel unmotivated after doing the same routine for weeks on end. Some day’s you’ll wake up and won’t feel like working. Now sometimes the trick for success is to work on your creative craft anyways even if you don’t feel like it, but other times, to benefit you in the long run, you should listen to your subconsciousness and do something spontaneous in the first half of the day. Maybe there’s something fun you’ve been meaning to do like go golfing or visit an old friend. On those days when your routine seems to be dragging you down, you might find yourself rejuvenated and back in action after spending the first half of the day doing something spontaneous that you’ve never done before.

I recommend you try this because the feeling you get is magical. Sometimes all this means is going for a nice long walk in the morning with a coffee. You get to listen to the birds and see the sights of your hometown and it really feels great to break your schedule every now and then. Then, once you get back to your creative station, there’s a good chance you won’t feel so bogged down anymore.


Having a routine to work on your creative craft is genius, but so is being spontaneous every now and then to refresh the mood of your life.

Artist in Kelowna BC Makes Art out of Broken Kitchen Appliances

The artist in question is a great friend of the family and she agreed to let me write a piece on her under two conditions:

  1. I can’t tell you her name.
  2. I can’t show you pictures of her art.

She is very, let’s say… shy. She doesn’t want to be judged on the vast internet and she has a right to. She’s in her 70s and is still adapting to what the internet can do for artists. She’s already been featured in old magazines and even appeared on the Discovery channel once during the heyday of her career as an artist. She has been known to weld scrap metal into animals, make robot-like sculptures out of old computer parts and, now, she’s known in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada for making abstract standing art pieces out of broken fridges, stoves, ovens and all other household appliances.

The idea to so this first came to her when her microwave broke down. She had wanted to get a new one for years, so she decided to buy a new one and see what she could do with the old one in a creative sense. She took her husband’s screwdriver and opened the microwave up to find cool parts that she then glued together to make a little statue for her window sill. Now this statue isn’t supposed to look like anything specific, hence the use of the word abstract, but everyone who sees it claims to know what it’s supposed to be. She just smiles at them and fakes agreement.

After getting many compliments on her appliance art, she decided to make a bunch of them, getting scrap appliance parts from many local appliance repair companies in Kelowna BC. In one day she managed to get 3 busted stoves, a freezer, 2 fridges and several other small appliances. She even got donated an antique ice box from Appliance Repair Kelowna, one of her main suppliers. This was a big day for her, little to her knowledge, because in one month she would be the main exhibition of a local art show and would go on to earn several awards for her creativity around Canada. That’s why I wanted to share this story so much, because it shows the power of creativity.

She made all kinds of wacky and bizarre art pieces out of these broken appliances. She used springs, bolts and scraps of plastic to make cool animals, and she even made a bust of Justin Trudeau–that to me looks nothing like him–out of the insides of ovens and a freezer. From the ice box she made what to me looks like a volcano, and out of some toasters welded together she made what to me looks like, well, a bunch of toasters welded together. She also applies paint and sometimes stickers to her pieces to give them extra flavor. My favorite piece of hers is a robotic statue made out of every major household appliance you could think of. There’s even parts of a vacuum in there and it stands eight feet tall. This one she sold to a Kelowna farmer for over $3,000!

kelowna artist

Now this is a quote from one of the interviews she did for a local Kelowna newspaper: “Sometimes appliances just on their own if put in the right place can look like art, especially if the appliance is outdated. Even newer appliances though are designed to be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. I think my best pieces are the ones that combine the old appliances with the new, and when you put them in the right place you might not consider it art if just passing by because it looks like an appliance.”

That quote really lets you get into her thinking. It might not make sense to everyone but here at Dedoor Creative Ideas it makes perfect sense! The best kind of art compliments it’s environment. Sometimes striking art is good for conveying ideas, too, but most art is placed in a spot where it fits in, and this is what my friend is doing with her broken appliances. And Kelowna appliance repair companies love working with her because usually they have to pay to dump their broken stoves and stuff, so it’s a win-win for everyone, especially people like me who get to appreciate the art and gain inspiration from the artist’s creativity.

So I hope you got some inspiration from this, too. It’s not an everyday occurrence where one of your city’s best art of the time is made from broken domestic appliances. Maybe next time your fridge breaks you’ll remember this and start a new art project. Either way, this was a cool story and I hope you enjoyed!

Visual Journals: The Creative Way to Log Your Life

One of the major reasons why people don’t like to keep a journal is because they find they already remember the important stuff and so they’d rather write down their goals. But another reason is, well, not everyone likes to write, especially at the end of a long day. For these people I have a solution if starting a journal is something you want to do.

A great way to enhance your memory is to create symbols that you can remember, and that’s exactly what a visual journal is. To mesh all the events of your day into one image so you can log it in a book is also an exercise of creativity and can help develop the brain in a lot of ways.

Here’s an example of what a visual journal entry might look like if you did these four things in a day:

  1. Went to the gym to work out for the first time in years.
  2. Met up with your ex-girl friend for coffee at your favorite jazz club.
  3. Watched a show about dragons with your roommates.
  4. Went dancing at the club with your new date.

The image for these could be anything that will help you remember what you did this day, but I would probably draw a dragon working out with my ex girl friend at a club. I might just do it with stick figures and no one else but me would be able to understand it, but, hey, that’s the whole point!

So try a visual journal, a new great and creative way to log the events of your day so you can remember (or try remembering) your days many years from now!

On Thinking Too Much as an Artform

You may have noticed the tagline of my blog is “thinking too much as an artform” and I just wanted to reify that statement for you guys, as someone was asking me what that meant.

As some of you may know, it’s considered a problem to think too much in many cultures. Especially in religious communities, asking too many questions about the nature of things can get you in trouble. But I like to disagree with that.

I know when thinking too much can be a problem, and that’s probably why it’s not a problem for me. After all, there’s a difference between letting your imagination run wild with paranoia and actually doing good critical thinking. One of the ways ideas come about, great ideas that shape the world, is through concise critical thinking. Albert Einstein used to sit in his chair, smoke his pipe and just do nothing but think for hours and hours on end. Sometimes, however, great ideas just come to us by accident, almost like a fox stepping out of a cave in our subconscious minds. With that said, though, it’s still more likely that great ideas will come to us if we take the time to bring them forth rather than just rely on accidents.

So now let me precisely define what thinking to much as an artform is. With this list of answers, you’ll be able to know how to making an art out of thinking too much.

  1. Whenever you’re waiting in line or being idle without a choice, this is a great moment to look up at the ceiling and start to think. Start to ask yourself questions like “what am I going to do tomorrow to better my life?” or “how could my life improve if I change my attitude?”
  2. If you ride the bus or are able to think while driving, this is also a great time to practice the art of thinking too much. For example, pay attention to the mistakes people are making and learn from them. Ask yourself, “How can avoid doing what that homeless man did?”
  3. Start to learn when is a good time to think and when isn’t. For instance, if you’re having a conversation with someone it would be a mistake to listen to your own thoughts when you should be listening to your interlocutor.
  4. Practice sitting in a chair with some classical music after a long day and do nothing but think like Einstein did. I love doing this and it’s something most people don’t do. Indeed, thinking is very laborious and most people will do whatever they can to avoid thinking.

In the future I plan to speak of this more, when there’s more time. For now, I hope I got this concept a little more reified for my readers. There’s nothing wrong with thinking too much. In fact, I wouldn’t call it “too much” but I just call it that because it adds a little humor to the subject. Well, thanks for visiting and I hope to see you back again!

How a Window Cleaner in Victoria BC became a Millionaire!

This is a story some of you may not believe. The fact that this story is so unbelievable is exactly why I strode to my laptop excitedly to share it with you. I’ve never met this millionaire window cleaner myself, but I’ve heard my friend tell me the story in enough detail to summarize it clearly.

It happened in November of 2018. Phill, a window cleaner who works for a local window cleaning victoria bc business, was just an ordinary guy making a decent living, raising two sons in the Oak Bay area. He went to work everyday just like the rest of us, and had no idea about the fortune that would soon dump in his lap.

One day, Phill arrived with his window cleaning equipment at a big old mansion by the water. He was a little daunted by the dozens and dozens of dirty sheets of glass scattered across the decor of the building, knowing he would need to spend hours shifting his ladder hither and thither in order to clean each one with his squeegee. He even wondered to his co-worker aloud if they could get the job done in a single day like their quote said. Nevertheless, Phill began his job with vigor, tackling the exterior windows in the backyard first. Lunch rolled around by the time he was on the left side of the house, and some coffee gave him the energy to speed up a bit and a few hours later he had reached around to the front of the house, all the while doing an excellent job, leaving no streaks or smears behind on the glass.

Every once in a while as he cleaned he would look into the windows and by accident see an old lady covered in jewelry walking around from room to room talking to herself. Phill assumed this lady wasn’t all there in the head, but as we’ll see this opinion would later change. For a while he was a little creeped out, but he kept his chin down and didn’t for one second gossip to his co-worker about the lady. He respected her, whoever she was, because here he was working for her. And of course she didn’t live there alone. He could also here her grandson working on a car in the garage.

Then, things got a little extreme as, while wiping his squeegee downward across the window, the old lady suddenly appeared point-blank in the window staring right into his eyes and screamed at the top of her lungs. Phill was so scared he screamed back and nearly fell of his ladder. And, no, things didn’t go as you might expect. Perhaps if he fell off the ladder he could have gotten a settlement, but that’s not how he became a millionaire this day. Phill brushed a crumb off his shoulder and shrugged the incident of in a haste.

It turned out the lady was actually blind and was not screaming but merely singing a song, and as Phill kept cleaning the exterior windows he listened to her amazing voice. Soon he was laughing as he recognized the song to be his father’s favorite, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles. He almost couldn’t stop himself from singing along with her until he realized this was the last exterior window. After putting the ladder back on the truck, he knocked politely on the door because it was time to clean the interior windows.

This is when thing got magical!

Right away after entering the mansion, he saw:

  1. Marble statues.
  2. Cages with exotic birds.
  3. Original paintings framed in gold.
  4. Fish tanks with tropical fish galore!

And right away he could tell this lady was a lot richer than he had originally supposed. But that was none of his business. The kind lady gave him a quick tour, showing him how to get to the attic where some stained glass windows needed to be cleaned, and left him to it.

By the time dinner rolled around, Phill was nearly done. He didn’t mind working overtime a few hours to get the job done and kept working even though he was getting rather hungry. Soon the last windows to be cleaned were up in the attic. Like I said this was an old mansion, and so he needed to bring a flash light up there because there had never been lights installed. After all, why would an old lady need to go up into some creepy attic?

cleaning stained glass

Phill didn’t know what to expect as he crawled up into this dank, cramped area. He shifted and sidled around boxes and bins until he came to the stained glass windows and wetted his squeegee with glass cleaner formula. Phill had never cleaned stained glass before, and it seemed rather medieval and bizarre to him. Nonetheless, he did what he had trained all his life to do and cleaned those windows to perfection. Once again you might expect that he found something up there worth a million dollars, but Phill isn’t a thief!

When he was done, he came downstairs and the lady was in the foyer with tea by a fireplace waiting for him. She offered him some tea, but he kindly refused because he couldn’t wait to get home to his wife’s cooking. Before leaving, he complimented her on her singing and told her about how the Beatles were his father’s favorite band. She was amazed to hear this and told him she was getting rid of her old album collection and asked if he’d be interested in taking some albums as a tip. Of course, Phill was pleased and accepted the offer. He left the house with a box the lady had put together and put it in the back seat of his truck. His co-worker had left early, and so he drove straight home and once he was at the table with his family he opened the box.

Now here’s where the miracle happened!

Inside was every album the Beatles had ever produced, and each one was signed by nearly every member of the band. Phill, knowing how much this was worth, jumped up and down and that night his family celebrated by putting the food in the fridge and they headed out to a fancy restaurant. It only took a few weeks before Phill found someone who was interested in buying the album collection. Of course, Phill gave the one with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to his father, but managed to sell the rest for 1.8 million dollars!

Phill’s life has never been the same since, but he’s still a window cleaner in Victoria BC working for the same window washing company. He donated a good amount of the money to charity. All this my friend told me in great detail because she’s very good friends with him.

Now you know what I mean by this story being unbelievable, but it’s true and I hope you found it entertaining. I certainly did!

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back to Deboor Creative Ideas soon for more inspirational blog posts!

Bye for now!

You Are Creative! Believe That!

It’s so easy to look at super creative people and say you could never be as creative as them. But the truth is they embraced their inner creativity and you haven’t. If you wanted to, you COULD be as creative as them.

People have exercised their creative muscles since adolescence while your whole life you kept telling yourself and others you can’t be creative. So who’s really to blame for your lack of creativity? It isn’t your parents, it isn’t the environment, nor the genetics you were born with. It’s all the fault of the decisions you made and the words you decided to express.

Today go to the dollar store and buy some paints. Maybe just ten colors and a brush. May cost you $15. Go home, find a sheet of cardboard, and paint an abstract painting. Just paint whatever. Don’ judge yourself. As you paint you’ll realize that you can be creative but you need to let yourself be. Stop telling yourself you can’t create things. Put your judgment aside and just create. Splash those paints and mix them together to make any image you want.

The truth is you are creative but in order to let yourself be so you need to do just that–stop lying to yourself and open your inner gateway to creativity!

Trying to Make Flying Cars Practical in Real Life

Throughout the 20th century talk of flying cars has been popular because it was conceived to be a practical idea. The truth is though that it’s very impractical, but that’s only because we haven’t yet got the technology to make it so. Today I want to suggest some Deboor creative ideas that can make these amazing machines practical in society today. But first I want to explain why they’re currently a very bad idea.

A list of reasons why flying cars are currently a horrible solution for congested traffic:

  1. We do not yet have laws in place to easily permit everyday people with the ability to fly in the skies, whether it be in a plane or a helicopter or man-sized drone. To get a piloting license requires great vision and a long course in school, a process much more complex than simply getting a license to drive.
  2. There is already a much better solution to congested traffic which Elon Musk is implementing today–long underground tunnels that can bypass urban areas with ease.
  3. The amount of noise that flying cars would make with our current technology would interfere with people’s lives way too much. Imagine a helicopter landing in your neighbor’s driveway, because that’s what it would be like!
  4. Even the best of all cars can break down at times, and that would mean even the best of flying cars would break down at times. And even if you had a parachute to save your own life there’s no telling what kind of damage your flying car would make as it falls toward a populated street.

Now with those negatives out of the way I’d like to share some creative ideas that may combat these issues:

  1. If for some reason the flying car breaks down in mid air, there can be an automatic parachute which is strong enough to allow the vehicle to land calmly on the ground without crashing or creating too much damage, but even this wouldn’t stop it from colliding into the side of a skyscraper. Even colliding gently into a skyscraper would most likely break windows and cause shards of glass to hurl down on the people below. So to combat this maybe an outer airbag of sorts could eject around the vehicle to make it a giant cushion.
  2. When artificial intelligence gets smarter, we could have them flying our cars for us so that we wouldn’t need a license to fly in the first place!
  3. To combat the noise a flying vehicle would make, we could have something similar to a silencer on a gun to surround the vehicle. I’m not sure if this is possible, but it’s just an idea. Maybe future science will give us some sort of soundproof invisible force shield…
  4. Although there may be better solutions to congested traffic than flying cars, we still can’t deny that flying cars would also lessen congested traffic. And to avoid congestion in the sky we could make driving on the ground very inexpensive so people would pay a third of what they do now for cars, gas and insurance. If driving on the ground was way cheaper than flying cars, people would be attracted to it and as the roads clear up more people who don’t drive today due to expenses would now be able to drive, which would also lessen the congestion of buses, sky trains and subways.

An expert would be able to go into far more detail than I’ve done here but for people who haven’t read much on this topic before I hope you found it informative and if not then at least a little entertaining. Thanks for staying creative and don’t forget to inspire your friends and family to stay positive about the future. With young people caring about the state of the planet and innovating, there’s nothing we can’t fix! 

Why it’s so Easy to have Hope for the Future of Mankind

First I will tell you my experience, then I will talk about why you should have hope, too.


As someone who used to dread over conspiracy theories I used to think the world was ending. I used to believe war was constantly growing and the Western world would collapse in my lifetime. I used to look at the sky and get paranoid about chem-trails thinking my own government was trying to kill me. Now I laugh at all that and look forward to a future of wonderful opportunities. This is the story of how that happened.

Truthfully it wasn’t easy to turn from a paranoid conspiracy-theorist into an optimistic go-getter. But now that I’m here it’s so easy to stay this way. For me the transition was sped up by delving into spirituality. I went through a faze of reading books like the Celestine Prophecy and got so deep into it that I would intentionally try to send rays of love at people as if love was a laser beam that I could shoot out of my forehead. I’ve settled down a bit in that regard but I’m glad I took those steps because now I’m no longer one who dreads over negativity.

Being positive about the course of mankind takes a lot more than just forgetting strange conspiracies. You got to build the habit of thinking positive everyday, and once it becomes a habit it becomes easy and automatic.

Now I know as a scientific fact that the world is getting better because, although it may seem like war is getting worse, this decade on Earth is the most peaceful decade our planet has ever experienced since we started waging war thousands of years ago. And now I look at such things as space exploration, science and technology innovation, and I see wonderful things to come ahead.

If I still sweated over conspiracy theories I might look at such things as AI and robots and think that these will be mankind’s ultimate end. But now that I’ve trained myself to think positively I see AI and robots as magnificent things that will make my life better. For example there will be toilets in our house that can detect cancer cells in our urine to warn us of cancer long before it becomes something to worry about. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


And cancer-detecting toilets is just the least of it all. You should look at the way the world is going and think “this is awesome” because, if you’re a gamer or a fan of movies for example, things like CGI and entertainment will keep advancing, and if you’re into science for another example, we’re only bound to keep learning more and more about the universe we live in.

Today kids in science class are learning about dark matter, and the world’s top scientists still have no clue what dark matter really is. As far as I know it should really be called “strange gravity” as that’s a more accurate title, but since we know so little, I bet one of the kids in a science class near you is thinking, “Wow, maybe I’ll be the one to discover what dark matter really is; I want to be a scientist when grow up!”

How could you see all the wonderful nature and beauty in the world and not have hope for the future? Sure, there are many pricks out there damaging the environment, and surely society as a whole is doing damage to it, but don’t forget that kids today are learning about all this. This is something everyone knows now and it’s not going to continue this way for long. Things like the growth of residential solar panels and waste-collecting robots in the ocean are making it fantastically easy for me to look at the problem of saving the environment and think, “Yeah, we can really do this.”

So next time you’re dreading over conspiracy theories, listen to some Neil deGrasse Tyson as he talks about science and start to think about all that is cool about the universe. You might have heard such things as people believing the landing on the moon was a hoax. Well, we’ve landed on the moon seven times already and soon we’ll be landing on mars!

Don’t worry about asteroids hitting our planet, as we have telescopes that’ll see them years before they’re a threat. And though some animals may be going extinct, there are hundreds of new foundations popping up that are working hard to save them. People are so loving and kind and if you think otherwise it’s because your focusing on the wrong people. Forget all the pricks out there. Realize that life is beautiful and you’re only going to experience in your current body once.

People say you only live once, but I like to say you only die once, so live the best you can!