What kind of creative ideas do you talk about exactly?

Good question! We like to talk about ideas that would benefit all of humanity, ideas that won’t just benefit me, but ones that can have a positive effect. Sometimes this doesn’t necessarily need to be an idea per se, put an invention, a better way of doing something that can be shared with others.

How do you expect these ideas to take form in the world?

We don’t have the budget to make some of the ideas we may talk about come into the world, but by simply talking about them they have a chance of spreading and maybe reaching someone who does. Some ideas of how to do a certain thing better may not cost anything, and by sharing them around the world wide web we may be able to bring a positive effect to many lives.

Can I share some of my ideas here, too?

Certainly. If you have an idea you’d like to share, email us via our contact page¬†and if we like it we’ll get back to you and talk about when we’ll post it on our website.