Blog Update October 2019: I Wrote a Book!

What have I been up to lately? Why haven’t I posted in a little while? This update should briefly answer this question. The real reason is because after writing my last post, I was so inspired to be creative that I wrote a whole new book. That’s right! I’m an author now. The book is in the editing process now but it plans to be released next year in 2020. So that’s my excuse for not blogging as much as I’d like to. I hope my readers can forgive me.

The title of my new book is still in progress but here’s some facts I can spoil. The book is set in the year 2045 when World War Three has already come and gone and people are trying to rebuild civilization in the face of nuclear winter. People survive by sleeping underground and going above ground during the day to forage in the abandoned cities. The nuclear waste has caused certain animals like bears and wolves to transform into vile beasts and also a new race of humans who claim to be the next evolution of homo sapiens, the so-called “nuclear sapiens,” are trying to stop the normal humans from having children by infiltrating their underground bases and decimating them.

The story has a lot of moral themes and I can’t wait to announce its released if I can get it published, so stay tuned!