Are Trees the Most Beautiful Thing in the World?

Today I want to start a discussion that you yourself must come up with an answer for. I want you to think about trees. Are they the most beautiful thing in the world? First ask what “beautiful” means, and then think of all the things that trees do for us and our planet. Would we be able to breathe without them? Would we be able to paint landscapes of nature without them?

All the things that trees do for us are amazing and beautiful. But now think about how they look! Trees are not only important, they’re also great to look at, and there’re millions of different trees that all look different. No tree is the same, just like no human is the same, and it’s possible to spend a life time learning about trees without ever fully understanding them.

Think of how great trees were throughout history. They allowed us to build homes, make fires, escape predators and more. Now after considering all this, ask yourself if trees aren’t the most beautiful thing in the world than what is?

My opinion: After spending a good deal of my summer in a forest I came to the conclusion that trees are what I think is the most beautiful thing in the world. This is because I never got tired of looking at them. What makes trees so pretty are not only the trees themselves but all the little critters living on and inside of them. Trees are a home for squirrels, birds, monkeys and so much more.

Now how you could you say trees aren’t beautiful? Think about it!