How a Window Cleaner in Victoria BC became a Millionaire!

This is a story some of you may not believe. The fact that this story is so unbelievable is exactly why I strode to my laptop excitedly to share it with you. I’ve never met this millionaire window cleaner myself, but I’ve heard my friend tell me the story in enough detail to summarize it clearly.

It happened in November of 2018. Phill, a window cleaner who works for a local window cleaning victoria bc business, was just an ordinary guy making a decent living, raising two sons in the Oak Bay area. He went to work everyday just like the rest of us, and had no idea about the fortune that would soon dump in his lap.

One day, Phill arrived with his window cleaning equipment at a big old mansion by the water. He was a little daunted by the dozens and dozens of dirty sheets of glass scattered across the decor of the building, knowing he would need to spend hours shifting his ladder hither and thither in order to clean each one with his squeegee. He even wondered to his co-worker aloud if they could get the job done in a single day like their quote said. Nevertheless, Phill began his job with vigor, tackling the exterior windows in the backyard first. Lunch rolled around by the time he was on the left side of the house, and some coffee gave him the energy to speed up a bit and a few hours later he had reached around to the front of the house, all the while doing an excellent job, leaving no streaks or smears behind on the glass.

Every once in a while as he cleaned he would look into the windows and by accident see an old lady covered in jewelry walking around from room to room talking to herself. Phill assumed this lady wasn’t all there in the head, but as we’ll see this opinion would later change. For a while he was a little creeped out, but he kept his chin down and didn’t for one second gossip to his co-worker about the lady. He respected her, whoever she was, because here he was working for her. And of course she didn’t live there alone. He could also here her grandson working on a car in the garage.

Then, things got a little extreme as, while wiping his squeegee downward across the window, the old lady suddenly appeared point-blank in the window staring right into his eyes and screamed at the top of her lungs. Phill was so scared he screamed back and nearly fell of his ladder. And, no, things didn’t go as you might expect. Perhaps if he fell off the ladder he could have gotten a settlement, but that’s not how he became a millionaire this day. Phill brushed a crumb off his shoulder and shrugged the incident of in a haste.

It turned out the lady was actually blind and was not screaming but merely singing a song, and as Phill kept cleaning the exterior windows he listened to her amazing voice. Soon he was laughing as he recognized the song to be his father’s favorite, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles. He almost couldn’t stop himself from singing along with her until he realized this was the last exterior window. After putting the ladder back on the truck, he knocked politely on the door because it was time to clean the interior windows.

This is when thing got magical!

Right away after entering the mansion, he saw:

  1. Marble statues.
  2. Cages with exotic birds.
  3. Original paintings framed in gold.
  4. Fish tanks with tropical fish galore!

And right away he could tell this lady was a lot richer than he had originally supposed. But that was none of his business. The kind lady gave him a quick tour, showing him how to get to the attic where some stained glass windows needed to be cleaned, and left him to it.

By the time dinner rolled around, Phill was nearly done. He didn’t mind working overtime a few hours to get the job done and kept working even though he was getting rather hungry. Soon the last windows to be cleaned were up in the attic. Like I said this was an old mansion, and so he needed to bring a flash light up there because there had never been lights installed. After all, why would an old lady need to go up into some creepy attic?

cleaning stained glass

Phill didn’t know what to expect as he crawled up into this dank, cramped area. He shifted and sidled around boxes and bins until he came to the stained glass windows and wetted his squeegee with glass cleaner formula. Phill had never cleaned stained glass before, and it seemed rather medieval and bizarre to him. Nonetheless, he did what he had trained all his life to do and cleaned those windows to perfection. Once again you might expect that he found something up there worth a million dollars, but Phill isn’t a thief!

When he was done, he came downstairs and the lady was in the foyer with tea by a fireplace waiting for him. She offered him some tea, but he kindly refused because he couldn’t wait to get home to his wife’s cooking. Before leaving, he complimented her on her singing and told her about how the Beatles were his father’s favorite band. She was amazed to hear this and told him she was getting rid of her old album collection and asked if he’d be interested in taking some albums as a tip. Of course, Phill was pleased and accepted the offer. He left the house with a box the lady had put together and put it in the back seat of his truck. His co-worker had left early, and so he drove straight home and once he was at the table with his family he opened the box.

Now here’s where the miracle happened!

Inside was every album the Beatles had ever produced, and each one was signed by nearly every member of the band. Phill, knowing how much this was worth, jumped up and down and that night his family celebrated by putting the food in the fridge and they headed out to a fancy restaurant. It only took a few weeks before Phill found someone who was interested in buying the album collection. Of course, Phill gave the one with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds to his father, but managed to sell the rest for 1.8 million dollars!

Phill’s life has never been the same since, but he’s still a window cleaner in Victoria BC working for the same window washing company. He donated a good amount of the money to charity. All this my friend told me in great detail because she’s very good friends with him.

Now you know what I mean by this story being unbelievable, but it’s true and I hope you found it entertaining. I certainly did!

Thanks for reading and I hope you come back to Deboor Creative Ideas soon for more inspirational blog posts!

Bye for now!