An Extra Tip To Help You Be More Creative In Life

Today I want to share some powerful advice that may just bring you a host of miracles. First I want to talk about the good side of having a routine, because my advice today will be talking about breaking that routine spontaneously every now and then. I don’t want you to think that I believe routines are bad for us, because they’re not. Having a routine can boost your performance, especially if you have a long term goal like my friend from Kelowna BC. Setting time to do the same things every day will allow those things to add up and in ten years it’s amazing what you can do. But routines can also be a trap. So let’s talk about that.

To boost your creativity, having a routine to sit down and practice your craft is important, because regular and consistent practice is what you need to work your creative muscles. But sometimes we can feel unmotivated after doing the same routine for weeks on end. Some day’s you’ll wake up and won’t feel like working. Now sometimes the trick for success is to work on your creative craft anyways even if you don’t feel like it, but other times, to benefit you in the long run, you should listen to your subconsciousness and do something spontaneous in the first half of the day. Maybe there’s something fun you’ve been meaning to do like go golfing or visit an old friend. On those days when your routine seems to be dragging you down, you might find yourself rejuvenated and back in action after spending the first half of the day doing something spontaneous that you’ve never done before.

I recommend you try this because the feeling you get is magical. Sometimes all this means is going for a nice long walk in the morning with a coffee. You get to listen to the birds and see the sights of your hometown and it really feels great to break your schedule every now and then. Then, once you get back to your creative station, there’s a good chance you won’t feel so bogged down anymore.


Having a routine to work on your creative craft is genius, but so is being spontaneous every now and then to refresh the mood of your life.