flying cars on the future

Trying to Make Flying Cars Practical in Real Life

Throughout the 20th century talk of flying cars has been popular because it was conceived to be a practical idea. The truth is though that it’s very impractical, but that’s only because we haven’t yet got the technology to make it so. Today I want to suggest some Deboor creative ideas that can make these amazing machines practical in society today. But first I want to explain why they’re currently a very bad idea.

A list of reasons why flying cars are currently a horrible solution for congested traffic:

  1. We do not yet have laws in place to easily permit everyday people with the ability to fly in the skies, whether it be in a plane or a helicopter or man-sized drone. To get a piloting license requires great vision and a long course in school, a process much more complex than simply getting a license to drive.
  2. There is already a much better solution to congested traffic which Elon Musk is implementing today–long underground tunnels that can bypass urban areas with ease.
  3. The amount of noise that flying cars would make with our current technology would interfere with people’s lives way too much. Imagine a helicopter landing in your neighbor’s driveway, because that’s what it would be like!
  4. Even the best of all cars can break down at times, and that would mean even the best of flying cars would break down at times. And even if you had a parachute to save your own life there’s no telling what kind of damage your flying car would make as it falls toward a populated street.

Now with those negatives¬†out of the way I’d like to share some creative ideas that may combat these issues:

  1. If for some reason the flying car breaks down in mid air, there can be an automatic parachute which is strong enough to allow the vehicle to land calmly on the ground without crashing or creating too much damage, but even this wouldn’t stop it from colliding into the side of a skyscraper. Even colliding gently into a skyscraper would most likely break windows and cause shards of glass to hurl down on the people below. So to combat this maybe an outer airbag of sorts could eject around the vehicle to make it a giant cushion.
  2. When artificial intelligence gets smarter, we could have them flying our cars for us so that we wouldn’t need a license to fly in the first place!
  3. To combat the noise a flying vehicle would make, we could have something similar to a silencer on a gun to surround the vehicle. I’m not sure if this is possible, but it’s just an idea. Maybe future science will give us some sort of soundproof invisible force shield…
  4. Although there may be better solutions to congested traffic than flying cars, we still can’t deny that flying cars would also lessen congested traffic. And to avoid congestion in the sky we could make driving on the ground very inexpensive so people would pay a third of what they do now for cars, gas and insurance. If driving on the ground was way cheaper than flying cars, people would be attracted to it and as the roads clear up more people who don’t drive today due to expenses would now be able to drive, which would also lessen the congestion of buses, sky trains and subways.

An expert would be able to go into far more detail than I’ve done here but for people who haven’t read much on this topic before I hope you found it informative and if not then at least a little entertaining. Thanks for staying creative and don’t forget to inspire your friends and family to stay positive about the future. With young people caring about the state of the planet and innovating, there’s nothing we can’t fix!¬†