realize your inner creativity

You Are Creative! Believe That!

It’s so easy to look at super creative people and say you could never be as creative as them. But the truth is they embraced their inner creativity and you haven’t. If you wanted to, you COULD be as creative as them.

People have exercised their creative muscles since adolescence while your whole life you kept telling yourself and others you can’t be creative. So who’s really to blame for your lack of creativity? It isn’t your parents, it isn’t the environment, nor the genetics you were born with. It’s all the fault of the decisions you made and the words you decided to express.

Today go to the dollar store and buy some paints. Maybe just ten colors and a brush. May cost you $15. Go home, find a sheet of cardboard, and paint an abstract painting. Just paint whatever. Don’ judge yourself. As you paint you’ll realize that you can be creative but you need to let yourself be. Stop telling yourself you can’t create things. Put your judgment aside and just create. Splash those paints and mix them together to make any image you want.

The truth is you are creative but in order to let yourself be so you need to do just that–stop lying to yourself and open your inner gateway to creativity!